As an Indigenous multidisciplinary, a little bit renegade. Specializing in a number of digital, healthcare and community-based fields as an inventive leader, artist, influential storyteller, strategist, communications specialist, and forward planning visionary, ROAR Creative and Consulting is my small, B2B and third-party company.

Administration of fresh and modern social digital asset creation, capacity and governance building, creative advocacy, graphic design, digital illustration, website development, video production, social media campaigns, and marketing plans ... it's all within possibility. Our wheelhouse of offerings is customizable and built upon a reflexive foundation. 

The land that ties me to community? To my Indigeneity? I'm a mix of disenfranchised Cree (Mirasty, Merasty, and Mirasty-Bird), and French Canadian-Settler (Charlebois), and a direct descendant (my bio father, my grandmother, etc.), of the Woodland Cree peoples of Lac La Ronge, Treaty 6.

My kinship, ceremony, ways of knowing and being, are Anishinaabe, shared by chosen and claimed family, and our Matriarch, Midewiwin Elder and Traditional Practitioner, Banakonda Kennedy Kish Bell. Most importantly, I'm an auntie, sister, friend, wife, and community-centred mama-bear first. The pandemic brought on A LOT of change, health challenges, and intense work roles, as have the times since the world opened back up.   
I love to teach— and learn—and make connections that are relatable through art and storytelling. Helping dream clients create engaging and impactful content that delivers ROI conversions and builds community is a natural outcome. This fulfills my core personal purpose of change-making as a relentless truth-teller, advocate for Indigenous told stories and leadership, and the representation of the diversity of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis perspectives. Self-taught and academically trained, I've manifested a solid career positioned as a trailblazer in digital media, undeniably supporting the rematriation movement and Indigenous trailblazers, while being a Kind & Necessary Disruptor in colonial healthcare institutions and the media.

Clients past and present include, Ganawishkadawe, The Centre for Wise Practices in Indigenous Health, (Women's College Hospital), Future History TV, The Shine Network InstituteThe National Consortium of Indigenous Medical EducationInternational Indigenous Music Summit, The Barrie Native Friendship Centre, and campaigns such as Not Our Medicine, Little Bird (TV series), and Coming Home (documentary). 
Going way back to when my kids were wee babes, I "stayed home" and explored artful practices and mom blogging, starting up a whole production line of artisan and apothecary goods for moms and babies. Yup, I was a mom-blogging-artisan, selling goods online via Etsy and OOAK (one-of-a-kind) shows. AlI that overhead and constant hustle with a newborn and a toddler was a recipe for burn-out. I continued to develop my writing chops and caught the attention of a big-deal mom-blogger at the time. That's how I got into writingand later editing— for acclaimed publications such as CBC, Babble Media, DisneyUnited Way’s Local Love, Today’s Parent, The Mighty, and Quill & Quire, even garnering a couple collaborative noms: (1) National Magazine Awards for in Best Editorial Package (2019, The Way Forward, Today's Parent/Rogers), and (2) Digital Mag for Best Personal Essay (2019, What are land acknowledgements and why do they matter?). I had a few incredible unicorn editors and mentors who saw something in me and stuck with me through all the learning curves, glitches, highs, and lows. 

All of this? That's only the past 15 years or so. There are many lifetimes I've survived and morphed out of. When all this obvious chaos permits, I'm a member of Anishnawbe Health’s Circle of Landscape Cultivators Committee, with recently wrapped affiliations within the University Health Network’s Indigenous Health Action Committee, and the Tkaronto Indigenous Ceremonial Practices Alliance.
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